Outside the Swan Inn

Outside the Swan Inn
mikelhh, Oct 31, 2006
    • Bill1330
      I really like your road. It's one of the most realistic I have seen. What material did you make it from?
    • HemiAdda2d
      Welcome, Bill!!!!
      At first, I thought the cars were on the 'wrong' side of the road... Until I realized the poster is from Down Under....
      Very nice road! Looks like real asphalt!!!!!
    • mikelhh
      Thankyou Bill and Hemi! Downunder, but modelling the Uk.
      The main strip of road is simply the rubbery black trackbed you can buy. Sorry I don't know the proper name for it. I know Woodland scenics make it. The standard HO rolls are a bit too narrow, but it comes in wider strips than that. I rubbed various artists pastels [chalks] over it to kill the blackness and also smeared thin acrylic paint on it - various shades of grey incl a bit of mauve. A bit of plaster dust helped a lot too.
      The asphalt to the r/h side is black card given similar treatment. I hope that helps.
      Oh btw the main drawback with the rubbery road is heavy vehicles can leave dimples in it, but I move my cars a lot so it's no big problem and the dimples disappear after a while. Thanks for viewing.
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