Portable DC/DCC Switching Box

I just finished this little item. It makes for easy testing of any locomotive on DC or DCC. It is very handy at the work bench and also provides a portable setup to run either DC or DCC on any sectional track layout or time saver you may have. Take it with you to run or demonstrate at a friend's house. I am an NCE user and the "Power Cab System" I used is just the ticket for such a project. Not only is the Command Station inside the throttle, which allows for a very small box, but you can take this same throttle and plug it in to a "Power Pro System" (using the other cable) and it acts like any other "Pro Cab" throttle. You can also upgrade it to a radio throttle. It provides the ultimate starter system due to this total integration into a larger system down the road. I used an older "Troller" hand held throttle for the DC portion and purchased a suitable "wall wart" to provide power. The double pole double throw center off switch at the top allows you to switch from DC to DCC track power as well as "kill" all power to the track. I made up two track cables. One is the popular "Bachmann" cable that connects to their snap together track system. For the other I took another one of the same cables and soldered two alligator clips to the ends. You can make up any connector you choose. The box and all the connectors are available online. More pictures in "My Albums" Wiring etc!

Portable DC/DCC Switching Box
geoffrey, Jun 21, 2011
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