rich c

Removable loop Broken Arrow end (formerly Muskogee)

Removable loop Broken Arrow end (formerly Muskogee)
rich c, Jul 28, 2010
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    • N-builder
      That's a very nice layout you have there. I really like this over under shot. I think I'm going to get my Alcos out and run them.
    • rich c
      Thanks, I love running Alcos because they are a nice size for the layout.
    • N-builder
      I have a couple of LL GM&O RS-2's. Of course I have others to but I like these the best. I got them at a bargain price and they look and run great.
    • rich c
      I haven't tried running the LL RS units, but they do look good. Thanks for the heads up, I might try those some day. Like most train guys, I bought more modern locomotives then decided to run things closer to the transition period.
    • N-builder
      I wanted to model a short line in the late seventies cause I run anything on my layout from C&O/B&O, Chessie, CSX and U.P. and I just liked the paint jobs on the GM&O GP38's. So I looked into the GM&O and I saw that they did not have much in N scale so I had to search a lot before I found rolling stock and locos, if you go to main page railimages then click on railimages member galleries and search my user name then my photos should pop up. I have a few photos of my GM&O collection there. I had to make some coal hoppers and gondolas cause I could not find any and I was happy to find the Alco's.
    • Dwyane
      Like this pic too, Richard
    • pedrop
      Very nice to see SW in action. I am planning to use only SW1200 e SW1500 in my laout.
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