Salina, with basic scenery
Wolfgang Dudler, Sep 25, 2010
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    • southerntiertrains
      Very nice work now all ya need is the buildings and few others and done.Is that going to connect with the other HoN3 one you did or for the freemo meets.:mbiggrin:
    • Wolfgang Dudler
      Yes, I will connect Salina with Silver Creek and Fiddle town. And not only at FREMO meetings. :angel:
      But for now I have to save some money for the structures.
    • southerntiertrains
      You are a master very nice work love to see it all tied together. Keep up the good work.
    • Wolfgang Dudler
      No, I run into a problem. When I tested all I had only my diesel SP #1 and it run without problems. Now I've got my K-27 and recognized the transition to the grade to the coal yard is to sharp. I will have to remove the track there and do it again.
    • MarkInLA
      Solid proof that less is more !!
    • Kurt Moose
      This is a great piece of working art, this would keep me busy for hours with train operations!!

      Well done!!(y)(y)(y)
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