John Warren

Start of my Keddie Wye Bridge

Back bridge is ME tall steel viaduct. Front bridge is scrack built, bents are Plastruct channel(bent legs) 7 Micro Engeneering bridge guirder kits, 1- 72 foot Cental vally Plane Guirder, and 2 ME deck girders bridges,, still have one bent to scrack build and make the Signal for each bridge.

Start of my Keddie Wye Bridge
John Warren, Jul 24, 2006
    • Joe Daddy
      I love this picture, the behind the scenes details are facinating. You do very hi Q work John.

      Thanks for sharing and posting your work.
    • John Warren
      Hi Joe
      Thanks again for your very kind words.
      The yellow coupe 0on your site, iis that yours is awsome

      If you find a quarter under the de-seat of the pontiac, it was mine, the Pontiac that is, had one for several years and it was a great ride. Was Red with white in the trim area. Your picture brought back some great memorys and a trip to Canada.
      Im really thinking of getting an older ride for every day use. Perhaps a Ranchero or El Camino.
    • ukguyshelbys
      Unusual but amazing structure, excellent work.

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    Jul 24, 2006
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