T&NO P-14

Pacific 651, Houston, Texas 1938.

T&NO P-14
r_i_straw, Dec 17, 2006
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    • acptulsa
      Such a lovely streamlining package on that Pacific. What were they thinking with that Vanderbilt tender?
    • r_i_straw
      @acptulsa That was what the locomotive was delivered to the Pacific Lines with. When the locomotive was transferred to the Atlantic Lines to pull the newly streamline equipped Sunbeam in the 1930s, the Houston Hardy Street shops rebuilt it with higher boiler pressure, disk drivers and streamlined the boiler. I guess they figured the tender was fine as it was and just painted it.
    • acptulsa
      @r_i_straw I'm sure it worked well enough. But what's streamlined about it?

      I have an old postcard of the Sunbeam, and it's interesting. I got it before I ever saw a photo of the train. It's an illustration, and for the most part it's quite accurate. But the tender is square. It's a very standard tender, and looks like a smaller version of a GS series' tender.

      The postcard also shows a two axle trailing truck, making the engine look like a Hudson. It's subtle, but it's there. I really ought to scan or photograph it and upload it, huh?
    • r_i_straw
      @acptulsa Yeah, Ive seen that. I believe that was a pro-mo from before the streamlined train started running. The Art department took a little license.
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