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Terminal looking north

The tracks near left are part of the REA operation. Thel ong track that zigs around them is also for REA. There are 8 terminal tracks, one being a throughfare track. The raised mainline in the back has since been lowered.

Terminal looking north
Andy Keeney, Oct 19, 2007
    • Bobtail
      The station has "evolved" very nicely Andy. I'm just a bit concerend how well locomotives (especially high drivered passenger Hudsons or Berks) will be able to pass through the three point-to-point switch arrangements. If it were my terminal I'd move the double crossover north, remove the two northmost crossover switches and the first two lead switches (one to each side of the terminal tracks) replacing the four removed switches with double slips. That would totally remove all 3 point-to-point instances and provide highly reliable, smooth flowing routes from anywhere to anywhere in the terminal/coach yard complex. Even so a very nice terminal, looking forward to seeing it's continued development.
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