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The customers get a trip...

CNW 8960, the only SD40T-2 on the MadCow system. This train is made up of bi-level cars and is carrying customers and their families to Devils Lake for an outing.

The customers get a trip...
Johnny Ripp, May 10, 2006
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    • Colonel
      This is one of the most realistic images of a model I have seen, I'm still now 100% if it is actually a model.
    • Johnny Ripp
      Thank You Colonel, I'm flatered by your nice comments. Yes it is a model and here are some of the stats:

      1) Athearn B/B SD40T-2-Hand cut the see thru grills out and replaced with etched brass see-thru, Custom painted and decaled by me.

      2) FP45 "B" unit, Athearn B/B, kitbashed and painted/decaled by me.

      3) Diorama is 2' x 4' on 2"thick extruded styrofoam.

      4) Walthers cornerstone elevator and outbuilding. Kitbashed milling co. from parts found in a box.

      5) Atlas code 83 flex. w/ Arizona Mining Co. "Pink Lady" (cnw) Ballast

      6) Backdrop is a bedsheet, makes a great overcast sky:)

      7) Tress are handmade from weeds harvested here in Wisconsin. Covered with Woodland Sceneics foilage.

      8) Phonepoles strung with No. 6 bead string(##@%^&!!).

      My layout is being constucted in diorama forms as we are in the process of buying a new house and I want to be able to move it there.

      Thanks again for the humbling comment!!

    • FriscoCharlie
      That's an amazing photo. The perfect example of how realistic something can be.

    • Wolfgang Dudler

      Very realistic!
      I believe your comment about the phonepoles and wires at once. 20 years ago I've installed overhead wire to my European layout.

    • Johnny Ripp
      E-8, Charlie,

      Thanks for the kind words. I get my inspiration from peers on this and a couple other forums. It is amazing how much one can learn from the postings.


      My friend I thank you for the compliment. I have long been a fan of the WT and your incredible modeling.

    • FriscoCharlie
      What's really amazing is that I used to work in a country grain elevator and the railroad tracks ran right past it. In fact, it was torn down last year.

      This is a photo of it before that:


      This is when it was knocked down:


      Both images credit The Newton Kansan

      Doesn't look like much there but when I worked there, it very strongly resembled what you have there. Enough so that it takes me back.

    • Johnny Ripp
      I'm so glad my photo did that for you. These elevators were/are pretty common place around the midwest. Thanks for sharing the photos with me/us.

    • Thieu
      I am showing my Dutch modelrailroad friends these pictures, because I think that they are so great! Beautiful layout and very good photography!
    • quadk
      I am still just amazed with all of your work Johnny. Your detailing, modeling, photography, everything!! You do some awesome realistic work!!
    • maintainance in the way
      I honnestly thought it was an old scanned photo from the thumbnail.
    • clinchfield654
      That is Nice. Wish I could do it myself.
    • fireball_magee
      The only way i can say its a model is I cant see an engineer! Other than that WOW. I love it very very well done!
    • charlie0915
      Bravo! Is it real or is it Memorex?!!! Can't tell! I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Nice Job! Truly brilliant picture.
    • tsalacri
      I thought it was real! Wow.
    • SteamDonkey74
      Hey, no fair substituting a prototype image in the modeling section. (smile)
    • Ian Kennedy
      I don't think I can add anything to what has already been said so I guess I'll scroll up and stare some more. Thanks for sharing.

      Ian K....
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