Walthers ADM Grain Elevator w/ add-on Silos

These are two kits. The ADM Grain Elevator is Walthers part number 933-3225 & the Add-on Silos are Walthers part number 933-3226.

Walthers ADM Grain Elevator w/ add-on Silos
Calzephyr, Nov 13, 2009
    • Calzephyr
      Step six was to assemble the elevator portion of the kit. I chose to only glue together three sides at this time because the model needs to be painted. If I added the fourth side now, it will be too difficult to add the windows later. The fourth side will be added after painting and adding of the windows and doors. I still have to do another set of silos as shown on this photo. Once they are done, I will paint the kit. Most structures of this kind were various shades of grey... however... every once and a while a colorful one could be found.
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