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Z-Bend Track wiring used by BAZ BoyZ

The BAZ BoyZ use the Z-Bend Track module standard. Since we run DCC and have both long runs, Tee's and Wyes plus LOTS of turnouts and Accessories that are DCC addressed and powered, we use the 4 User Defined pins (22-25) of the D-sub connector wiring standard. My core modules provide the 5A Command station plus all tracks off of these modules have circuit breakers. This allows us to break up the layout into to seperate power blocks. Also, by sending out the seperate Breakered and Full 5A DCC on these pins, other modules can emply their own breakered blocks or, power Accessories, like the Tortoise turnout controllers, keeping it off of the track power.

Z-Bend Track wiring used by BAZ BoyZ
SJ Z-man, Sep 17, 2009
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    Sep 17, 2009
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