N 3D printed COFFIN feedwater heater Bachmann Berkshire, B&M, SP, AT&SF

Dirk Jan Blikkendaal Feb 18, 2021

  1. Dirk Jan Blikkendaal

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    ATSF N Scale Models has designed/made a 3D printed COFFIN feedwater heater for the N scale Bachmann Berkshire. This print - plus a modified Keystone Details Lima Berk trailing truck, ATSF N Scale Models tender trucks and some additional brass/styrene/steel rod/wire - converts the Bachmann model into a T-1 of the Boston & Maine, which had 25 engines in total. In the summer of 1945 10 engines were sold to the Southern Pacific and 7 to the AT&SF.
    The 3D print is made by Shapeways, in Fine Detail Plastic, SMOOTHEST. Unfortunately not available from my Shapeways shop because Shapeways will only print in the PRINT IT ANYWAY mode, available only to the designer. It prints fine this way but at my risk. Some parts of the design are just below recommended printing specs and adjusting the print would make these parts oversized.

    All info (building instructions and pictures) regarding the conversiom can be found on WWW.ATSFNSCALEMODELS.COM. Go to ENGINES/CARS and click the last item. See also PICTURES.

    Happy N scale modeling, Dirk Blikkendaal 4196 left web.jpg 4196 right web.jpg

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    I believe the Milwaukee Road used these on the N-3's.
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    The Frisco used them, but like the D&SL, enclosed them in the smokebox.
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