N 614’ Federal Rhine Bulk Carrier

Pete Nolan Sep 9, 2020

  1. Pete Nolan

    Pete Nolan TrainBoard Supporter

    This handsome modern bulker is a scale 614 feet long and 70 feet in beam, which is 94 per cent of the size of the prototype, which has been active since 1997 all over the world. Nearly all of the superstructure is 3D printed, doing away with the build-up of sheet styrene structures. Likewise the hatch coamings, the hatches themselves and the three cranes show the massive amount of detailing possible with 3D printing. All smaller details such as the rescue boat, bitts, winches, cable reels, windlass, cranes, and masts are 3D printed. Railings and stairways are to-scale and are photo-etched brass. As shown the hatches can be positioned open, closed, or anywhere in between.

    The model measures 46” long (1169 mm) by 5.2” in beam (133 mm) by about 7” high (180 mm), the latter depending on bridge top masts and antennae.

    For more details see nscaleships.com 6860STBDBow.jpg 6858STBDStern.jpg 6864STBDSTERNCU.jpg
  2. HemiAdda2d

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    Super work. 3d printing is certainly coming into its own.
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