HO Announcement: New Rivet Counter HO Scale 4785 Covered Hopper Cars

ScaleTrains May 3, 2021

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    In addition to our special run of HO coil cars, we’re also announcing our latest run of Rivet Counter HO Scale Pullman-Standard 4785 Covered Hoppers.

    Since the 1960s, these cars have crisscrossed North America in singles and groups of hoppers. With its low side sill, the PS-2CD 4785 Covered Hopper can easily be distinguished from its higher sill siblings (4727, 4740, and 4750). Our Rivet Counter series model feature numerous roof hatch, outlet gate, running board, and end “cage” support variations per railroad, road number, and era.

    Our latest run features new roadnames and colorful paint scheme variations that will add a splash to your HO rollingstock roster.

    Roadnames and paint schemes include:

    Burlington Northern/Green
    Conrail/Gray “Conrail Quality”
    CSX/NYC reporting mark with and without conspicuity stripes
    Penn Central/Green
    Boyll & Son/Yellow

    Add some color to your layout by preordering your favorite roadnames and paint schemes today. Delivery is expected fall 2021.

    Preorder now: bit.ly/RivetCounterHO4785cfCoveredHopper

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