Atlas or Bachmann EZ Track

R. L. Mar 26, 2012

  1. jeffrey-wimberly

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    I'd use the DC switch machines. It's tried and true technology and you're not using power from your DCC system to control them. Plus they're not hard to wire. I tried one of the DCC turnouts Bachmann makes. Every time I wanted to switch tracks I had to punch in the address of the turnout then punch the locos address back in to get back control of the train. If you're doing a lot of switching that gets old fast. Pushing a push-button or momentary contact switch to cahnge a turnouts direction is much simpler and you don't have to be remembering and punching in addresses all the time.
  2. R. L.

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    Hey Jeffrey,
    Thanks for the input. From what I gather the Kato switches come with the control wire that plugs into the turnout switch? Wiring them in won't be a problem whether or not they come with a plug or just wires that need to be terminated....just trying to make sure I buy the correct equipment before spending money on something I won't use. : )

    The pictures don't really show any detail as far as connections go.

    So I'm thinking all I need now is the Kato 24840 turnout control and the switches for each turnout and perhaps some turnout switch extension cords. I don't see any listing of the lengths of the cords/wires that come with the switches.

    My layout is a 4x8 so maybe the switches on the other side will need an extension cord?

    And thanks again for the help.

    R. L.

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