Australian Model Railway shows.

omnitrax Jun 8, 2005

  1. omnitrax

    omnitrax TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi to all here Down Under.
    Just a quick mention about a couple of Model Railway Exhibitions coming up!!!!
    In South Australia, we have the annual Model Railway exhibition this coming weekend.
    June 11-13. Held at Greyhound Prk. Near South Rd. Angle Park. ( Adelaide suburb Nth. West of City of Adelaide about 16 kms).
    Not sure who the Organisers of this show are this year, so i dont have any more details.
    Then on the weekend of July 9-10 the Grampians Model Railway club from Stawell, Victoria, has their annual Model Railway show, held in the SES Hall, Sloane St. Stawell.
    I hope to be at the Stawell show, on the
    Road and Rail stand. This is the Australian group of modelers from the club
    I hope some of you guys from Australia are on this list are able to attend one or both of these shows. Many Thanks.

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