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ztrack Dec 15, 2020

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    December 2020 New Releases Part 2

    ALCO RS-3 - D&RGW


    The Rio Grande’s prototype details include: Phase I body, body mounted number boards, ALCO AAR trucks, dual bulb headlight, one single and three chime airhorns, lengthwise smokestack and 1400 gallon fuel tank.

    63317-1 D&RGW RS3 5202
    63317-2 D&RGW RS3 5203
    63317-3 D&RGW RS3 5204

    Gunderson MAXI-I Sets – Southern Pacific – Re-release!


    For December, we have rereleased our Southern Pacific MAXIs. We paired these sets with CAPITAL 40’ containers. Four road numbers are being offering with containers! Supplies are limited.

    906510-1CA SP MAXI-I Set with 5x CAPITAL containers 513511 Red
    906510-2CA SP MAXI-I Set with 5x CAPITAL containers 513516 Red
    906510-3CA SP MAXI-I Set with 5x CAPITAL containers 513512 Red
    906510-4CA SP MAXI-I Set with 5x CAPITAL containers 513517 Red

    The cars feature metal chassis with etched metal details and add-on parts. The cars also feature AZL’s Auto-Latch couplers and roller bearing trucks. The packaging includes slots for ten 40’ containers.

    See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.


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