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ztrack Feb 13, 2019

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    February 2019 New Release – Part 2

    VIA Rail – Genesis P42s and Passenger Cars!

    AZL is happy to release VIA Rail Genesis P42s with VIA mail and lightweight coaches. We have had quite a few requests for more VIA stock.. well here it is!


    63504-1 VIA GE P42 Genesis 904 Blue variant

    63504-2 VIA GE P42 Genesis 905 Blue variant


    63504-3 VIA GE P42 Genesis 910 Green variant


    73751-0 VIA Coach Lightweight Passenger Car


    73951-1 VIA Mail 8620 Lightweight Passenger Car

    73951-2 VIA Mail 8621 Lightweight Passenger Car

    Amtrak®Phase III Auto Train Sets and Phase IVb Dining and Baggage Cars

    This is another big month for our Amtrak fans. First we have the phase III Auto Train – auto racks. Two four packs are available.


    904101-1 Amtrak® AutoTrain Auto Rack 4 pack AMTK 9092, 9114, 9116, 9122 Phase III

    904101-2 Amtrak® AutoTrain Auto Rack 4 pack AMTK 9093, 9095, 9099, 9117 Phase III

    Next we have phase IVb dining and baggage cars. We have had numerous requests for these cars. Three of each are available.


    73550-7 Amtrak Diner 8552 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery

    73550-8 Amtrak Diner 8507 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery

    73550-9 Amtrak Diner 8502 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery


    73650-7 Amtrak Baggage 1255 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery

    73650-8 Amtrak Baggage 1257 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery

    73650-9 Amtrak Baggage 1260 Lightweight Passenger Car IVb livery

    Amtrak® Licensed Products. Amtrak® is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

    TTX and DODX 89’ Flats with M1126 and M1134s from Z-Panzer:

    AZL and Z-Panzer have partnered again to offer M1126 and M1134 Strykers. The M1126 Stryker is a Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV). The M1134 Stryker variant is an Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGM).


    911010-5O TTX 89' Flat 992420 1x M1126 & M1134


    911010-5S TTX 89' Flat 992420 1x M1126 & M1134


    911020-2O TTX 89' Flat 601899 1x M1126 & M1134


    911020-2S TTX 89' Flat 601899 2x M1126*

    - This set contain 2x M1126 and NO M1134s.

    See the American Z Line sites for more information on these and other AZL products.



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