Z AZL March 2021 New Items Part 2

ztrack Mar 14, 2021

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    March 2021 New Releases Part 2

    EMD F7 – Western Pacific – Two versions!

    For March, AZL is releasing two versions of the Western Pacific EMD F7. The silver and orange version is available in both a A&B set as well as a single A. The green and orange version is available as As only, each with a different road number.

    Silver and orange:


    63008-1 WP EMD F7A & F7B 920A, 921B A - B Set


    63008-2 WP EMD F7A 920D

    Green and orange:


    63015-1 WP EMD F7A 918

    63015-2 WP EMD F7A 921

    The EMD F7s feature prototypical details, a 7mm motor, directional controlled LED, blackened metal wheels, optional replacement truck with truck mounted coupler, draw bar (A units only) and come DCC ready.

    See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.


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