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ztrack Oct 31, 2021

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    November 2021 New Releases Part 1

    EMD SW1500s – Burlington Northern


    The BN’s are here! AZL is offering three road numbers:

    62707-1 BN EMD SW1500 31

    62707-2 BN EMD SW1500 34

    62707-3 BN EMD SW1500 40

    The SW1500s feature numerous prototype specific details, traction tires, blacken metal-wheels, innovative drive train and truck design, directional-controlled LEDs and AZL’s AutoLatchTM couplers.

    As a bonus, AZL’s Innovation Lab is including two adapters that allow the SW1500 to be retrofitted with Micro-TriainsTM 905 couplers.

    Note: We are advising customers not to attempt to remove the shells of the SW1500s. Doing so may result in damage to the locomotive’s shells.

    EMD F7 A & B sets and single A– Canadian National


    For our friends up north, we have CN EMD F7s!

    63010-1 CN EMD F7A & F7B 9028, 9029 A - B Set

    63010-2 CN EMD F7A 9036

    The EMD F7s feature AZL’s 7mm motor, dual flywheels, prototype specific details, directional controlled LED lighting, optional front truck with mounted coupler, blackened metal wheels, AutoLatch™ couplers and they come DCC ready.

    R-70-20 Reefers – ATSF


    Cars are available in a four-pack, two-pack and single car.

    914803-1 ATSF R-70-20 Reefer 55443 Single

    914833-1 ATSF R-70-20 Reefer 55408, 55441 Two-pack

    904803-1 ATSF R-70-20 Reefer 55402, 55407, 55438, 55440 Set

    See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.


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