Z AZL September 2020 New Items Part 2

ztrack Sep 20, 2020

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    September 2020 New Releases Part 2

    ALCO RS-3 - New Haven


    The NH’s prototype details include: phase I body, body mounted number boards, ALCO AAR trucks, single headlight, 2 single Airhorns, crosswise smokestack and 800 gallon fuel tank.

    63303-1 New Haven RS3 523

    63303-2 New Haven RS3 529

    63303-3 New Haven RS3 530

    Gunderson MAXI-I Sets – BNSF (herald)

    For September, we have BNSF MAXI sets with the ‘herald’ logo. We are offering the sets both with containers and without. The -1 and -2 sets are being offered with MSC 40’ containers. Sets -3 and -4 are being offered with Matson 40’ containers.

    Set only:


    906509-1 BNSF MAXI-I Set 237330 Herald

    906509-2 BNSF MAXI-I Set 237438 Herald

    906509-3 BNSF MAXI-I Set 237540 Herald

    906509-4 BNSF MAXI-I Set 237545 Herald

    Set with containers:


    906509-1MS BNSF MAXI-I Set 5x MSC containers 237330 Herald

    906509-2MS BNSF MAXI-I Set 5x MSC containers 237438 Herald


    906509-3MA BNSF MAXI-I Set 5x Matson containers 237540 Herald

    906509-4MA BNSF MAXI-I Set 5x Matson containers 237545 Herald

    Supplies of the cars with containers are limited.

    The cars feature metal chassis with etched metal details and add-on parts. The cars also feature AZL’s Auto-Latch couplers and roller bearing trucks. The packaging includes slots for ten 40’ containers.

    Join our forum today to get more information on this and upcoming projects!


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  2. Randy Stahl

    Randy Stahl TrainBoard Supporter

    What are the chances I could buy 2 chime air horns?

  3. ztrack

    ztrack TrainBoard Supporter Advertiser

    Randy we don't have the exact 2 chime horns available as a spare part. I do offer a horn pack from the BUDD RDC run that includes a single and I believe a 3 chime horn. See the part section of www.azldirect.com


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