Bachmann HO 4-8-4 Second Version Gears

James Norris Jun 21, 2021

  1. James Norris

    James Norris TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi All,

    I'm after some measurements. I produced the 3D printed replacement gears for the first version of the Bachmann 4-8-4, the ones with the round axles. I have been asked, by several people, to produce the gears for the second version with the square axles. However, I don't have one to hand to measure the parts. Doses anybody have one they would be happy to pop the gears and axles out to get some dims? Or if you have one with cracked gears and axles I can send a new set as a thank you?

    The second version can be identified by the drive gear being in the third axle, the first version had it on the fourth.

    Please let me know and I can send my email address.



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