Best of the Sims?

meledward23 Mar 31, 2011

  1. meledward23

    meledward23 TrainBoard Member

    So what is the best of the Sims, in your Opinion.

    It appears that MSTS and Rail Works seem to be the leading contenders from what I have read. I haven't done any recreational computer time in years, prefering to keep work and recreation seperate. But I think it is time to look into this.

    Not sure if it matters, but I do have triple screens, multiple keyboards, an Xkeys keyboard (58 macro keysx2), mouse, touchpad, etc. In other words, I can make use of just about any function they can offer.

    One thing that does bother me are programs (generally games) that go full screen on a monitor and don't allow switching programs.

    Anyway, need some thoughts before I drop some $ on 0 and 1's.
  2. RailBaron

    RailBaron New Member

    I've mess around with MSTS some awhile back but don't know squat about Rail Works.
  3. PW&NJ

    PW&NJ TrainBoard Member

    I'll second MSTS, though I've been having fun with OpenBVE on Linux (open source and FREE). :)

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