BNSF Closed Seniority District Transfer

Spencer Apr 5, 2018

  1. Spencer

    Spencer New Member

    Good Afternoon Everybody,

    So I've applied for a position with BNSF in Sheridan Wyoming and received my conditional offer. My goals is to try and move up to Whitefish,MT someday when I can obviously hold there . However, I've been told I can't transfer into Whitefish as it's a closed seniority district. I've also been told I can transfer into Whitefish but I would have to give up all my seniority. I was hoping you call could help clear up this issue for me.
  2. wpsnts

    wpsnts TrainBoard Supporter

    It’s true Spencer.
    I wish it were different as I would would like to transfer from Missouri to Bend, OR. It would be hard to give up 13+ years of seniority and even then I probably wouldn’t be able to hold a position.
    Welcome to life on the RR.
    Hang in there.
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