BNSF Temple Sub (with Union Pacific Track Rights)

Hoss Jan 29, 2024

  1. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member


    I built a small test track....


    ....that is ideal for testing DC locos before converting them to DCC. Great for programming the DCC ones. Great in that it got me around to building a cheap DCC-EX Command Station. Great to come up with layout wiring ideas that I'm using now. Great for learning about laying track. Great for learning how to hand-lay turnouts. Great for testing turnout control and wiring options. Great for things I've forgotten.

    Great for just getting to run a train around in circles and do a little switching.

    It rolls under the main layout and has the main DCC-EX command station on it. I don't ever see not using it for a number of the things mentioned above.

    More on it
    ( HERE ).

    Yes time to start will be glad once you do ;)

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