Breaking out Arduino Mega digital IO pins for sensors

Barry Gordon Feb 2, 2020

  1. Barry Gordon

    Barry Gordon TrainBoard Member

    I am using the DCC++ base station, All works fine on my test layout. To add sensors I bought a Arduino mega shield breakout board (WINGONEER® Prototype Screw/Terminal Block Shield Board Kit for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 DIY, which comes completely assembled) I plug this into the Arduino Mega and then plug the motor shield into the breakout board. The base station no longer works. The only wire on the breakout board is the needed jumper for pin 2 to pin 13. With the breakout board between the Mega 2560 and the motor shield, the locomotive starts as soon as power is applied to the tracks and no throttle buttons/controls operate. I have checked several times to ensure that the pins are properly set in the headers. Has any one seen and or solved this issue?

    If for some reason this configuration will not work what are others using to connect sensors to the Arduino Mega digital IO pins? I am going to try an IDC male/female ribbon cable and 2x40 screw terminal breakout board next. This way the motor shield sits directly on the Arduino Mega 2560.


    Barry Gordon
  2. Jacekts

    Jacekts TrainBoard Member

    From the one i found on Amazon, the PCB layout shows as well. It should still work as if it wasn't even installed in its factory shipped state.

    Look at the breakout board and make sure there are no solder bridges that are trying pins together where they shouldn't be.

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