Can JMRI (or other software) load sounds onto ZIMO decoders?

Taymar Aug 14, 2020

  1. Taymar

    Taymar TrainBoard Member

    Hi all,

    I have a ZIMO mx649 sound decoder, and been browsing ZIMO's sound library.

    This is my first stab at DCC sound and I've just learned that I need a separate programmer (MXULF-A) to load sounds onto it. The programmer is $200 and seems to be out of stock everywhere.

    Don't suppose there's any other way to load sound onto these decoders is there? I've presently got a DigiKeijs DR5000 and JMRI available to me.

    Thanks for any suggestions (or a lead on where I might find a MXULF-A if there's no other option).
  2. papahnash

    papahnash TrainBoard Member

    Hi Taymar,
    To my knowledge, this is no other way to change the sound file without the MXULF-A. If you purchased it from a dealer they may reprogram it for you.
    I purchased one from Streamlined Backshop and he was very helpful getting it set-up.
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  3. Taymar

    Taymar TrainBoard Member

    Thank you very much. I also purchased my decoder from Streamlined Backshop so I'll reach out to them.

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