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    As a reminder…

    The CCC&StL ran from Cleveland to Bellefontaine to Anderson to Indianapolis to Terre Haute to Mattoon to Alton to East St Louis. It also ran from Cairo to Vincennes to Paris to Danville to Peoria to Kankakee. And then it ran from Cincinnati to Greensburg to Indianapolis to Terre Haute to Lafayette to Kankakee to Chicago. And finally from Louisville to North Vernon to Greensburg to Anderson to Marion to Wabash to Elkhart to Benton Harbor. The CCC&StL pulled its weight for all of the years the New York Central owned them.

    These are only a small part of the locations the Big Four ran through, and only a small part of what is covered in the Book "The CCC&StL and the New York Central Railroads in Indiana". It was much easier to say Indiana rather than just cover the CCC&StL which would have demanded that the entire railroad would have been covered (nearly hopeless).

    From the early years to its closing when Penn Central came into existence, it served Indiana and surrounding territory well. And for years afterward the Norfolk and Western dispatcher for Muncie Indiana could be heard to say into the Conrail era, "The Big Four's gonna run one ahead a'ya."

    The photos in the book that I supplied and the text written by Maurice Lewman bring all of this to the forefront for an enjoyable reading. Maurice worked up to Engineer on the Michigan Division from 1947-1981, and then followed that with the Bee Line from 1981-1992 (NYC, PC, and CR). So sit back, relax, and prepare for an enjoyable time with this book and all that it covers of the railroad from then to now.

    The book is available at the Madison County Historical Society in Anderson, Indiana for $99 + $6.93 tax and $10 shipping, or give us a call at 765-683-0052 for more info. The History Center receives all of the profits from the books publishing.

    Madison County Historical Society
    Rail Book Purchase
    P O Box 696
    Anderson, IN 46015-0696

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    There are over 400 photos in the book. I quit counting at 400. There were still more! :)
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    While the Big 4 went TO Vincennes, it did not go through Vincennes. The actual line from Cairo to Danville stayed entirely in Illinois, crossing the B&O at Lawrenceville, IL. Vincennes was a end point location.

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