NYC Circa 1894 – Anderson

rhensley_anderson Nov 20, 2020

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    Circa 1894 – Anderson
    The CCC&StL was newly formed when this photo was taken. To the right is a new 4-6-0 built by Brooks switching the yard near downtown Anderson. The smoke and blur of the drivers indicate that it is backing. The structure to the right is the new Big Four Freight House between Jackson Street and Meridian. Over the top of it can be seen a water tower. That was later moved North of the track to the Northwest corner of Central Avenue. On the left is the new 1887 Big Four Station. Note that there are no buildings to the left of the station. They hadn't been built yet.

    I have published a limited edition book about the "The CCC&StL and the New York Central Railroads in Indiana". It's a 192 page edition with 107 pages of photos with the remainder in written text by NYC Engineer Maurice Lewman.

    The book is available at the Madison County Historical Society in Anderson, Indiana for $99 + $6.93 tax and $10 shipping, or give us a call at 765-683-0052 for more info.

    Madison County Historical Society
    Rail Book Purchase
    P O Box 696
    Anderson, IN 46015-069

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    Thanks for more of Anderson's history, Roger.

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