N Classic Metal Works 1976 Buick Estate Wagons and IH R-190 Cement Mixers/Concrete Trucks

cfritschle Feb 8, 2021

  1. cfritschle

    cfritschle TrainBoard Member

    I have not seen any "official" announcement for these, but Walthers has CMW 1976 Buick Estate Wagons and IH R-190 Cement Mixers listed on their website with an April 30, 2021 expected date.

    This link lets you see the Liberty White and Potomac Blue Poly paint scheme. https://www.walthers.com/76-buick-est-wagon-white-e52e05

    This link takes you to the Independence Red Poly version. https://www.walthers.com/76-buick-est-wagon-red-be9319

    The Buicks still have the bulky roof rack, but of course that can be removed if they don't use a lot of glue on it.

    These two links take you to the IH R-190 cement mixers. https://www.walthers.com/54-inter-r-190-tr-red-wh and https://www.walthers.com/54-inter-r-190-tr-red-wh-a597a4

    The mixer beds appear to be 3D printed.


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