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oldscout Feb 8, 2013

  1. oldscout

    oldscout TrainBoard Member

    I can not afford to go DCC but want a walk around throttle. I saw on Ebay a Crest Train engineer controller with r/c control for DC. I have done some looking on the internet and most people that used it really liked it. What is the consenses here. The unit has not been made for awhile but is suppose to be new in the box. I would need another reciever to run a two cab layout so I would have to find another one.
  2. ScaleCraft

    ScaleCraft TrainBoard Member

    Using walkaround for track powered layouts is a good idea. I used to be in that business.
    Aristo trackside, 27MC or 75MC? Black transmitter is 27, grey is 75.
    You are right, neither is supported, repaired, have parts available, and finding used stuff is iffy.
    Switching back and forth between cabs on the real early ones wasn't easy, if I recall. So, two transmitters is best, one for each cab.
    Folks who had good success with them always treated them like British Motorcycles.
    Run one, while trying to figure out why the second quit, and the third on is torn apart on the workbench waiting parts.
    Since parts are no longer available, if you are going to depend on it, get a spare.
    Just remember it's really easy to hook up....and disconnect. So, if you have no problem running from a knob on a pack, if you do have an issue you're not dead in the water.
    Make sure you have one that has a choice for "linear", or straight DC, as opposed to PWM or PWC outputs, which may or may not play well with your motors.
    Have fun!

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