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PjR Oct 30, 2021

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    Hi Folks,
    I have DCC++ running on a DCC++ Base Station with Controller Master. It's an Arduino UNO with a Geek-Robot motor shield. I also use JMRI via a Sprog 2.
    I have a stationary accessories decoder from a UK company, a Gaugemaster DCC30. It should respond to standard T commands to operate turnouts, but it doesn't. However, if I use JMRI Decoder Pro and the Sprog, the DCC30 responds to commands described as Rolling Road Test Commands, in a format <O 81 F8 79>, for example, which successfully throws the first output of four on the decoder. <O 81 F9 78> closes it. Similar commands successfully operate the other outputs. But if I send those commands via the Base Station, nothing happens.
    The T commands from the Base Station make the LED on the DCC30 blink in acknowledgement, but the outputs don't operate. Gaugemaster just say the decoder is NMRA compliant and works with all major DCC controllers and they know nothing about JMRI or the DCC++ system.
    Can anyone shed any light, please?

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