Deramus yard getting major face lift.

KCS Dec 7, 2006

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    I was on the way to work this morning while on the way looking at what was going on in the yard sense I wasn't driving. I noticed a few months back they ripped up a lot of ties and piled them up at the south end of the yard. Well, after noticing some other thing's going on and a MOW ballast train being unloaded and the ties being grinded up. KCS is in fact rebuilding Deramus yard into a hump yard. The hump is in the process of being built up now. I'm really hoping to get pictures of this as it goes. They also have a lot of "I" beams stacked which I think is going to be made into retarder frames. Switching used take place on the north end of the yard but I guess they are moving it to the south end. I'll post more hopefully with pictures as it goes.

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