Don Bell's Interstate RR

Bfagan Nov 22, 2021

  1. Bfagan

    Bfagan TrainBoard Member

    Don’s HO Scale layout is based on the coal hauling Interstate Railroad

    located in the southwestern tip of Virginia. It is centered around the

    large yard in Norton, VA. Several other railroads connect here including

    the L+N and N&W. Staging tracks provide a space for trains to run west

    to Corbin, KY (L+N) and east to Roanoke, VA (N&W). Another destination

    out of Norton is the Clinchfield Railroad’s Miller Yard, modeled as a

    medium sized yard with engine service facilities. Clinchfield trains run

    from here to staging representing Spartanburg, SC and Elkhorn City, KY.

    Control is provided by Digitrax Simplex and Duplex throttles as well as

    smart phones or TCS UWT-100 throttles through Wi-Fi/JMRI communication.

    The single decked layout, started in 2014, is about 90% complete and

    uses car cards and waybills for car movements. About 14 trains run in a

    typical OPs session including Way Freights, Turns and Unit Coal.




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  2. BoxcabE50

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    Fun that so many units are in actual Interstate colors. I don't recall seeing anyone else modeling more than perhaps one or two.
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  3. Mr. Trainiac

    Mr. Trainiac TrainBoard Member

    yeah, it's definitely an interesting subject. There are probably more NS Interstate heritage units on people's layout than actual Interstate Railroad modelers.

    I like modelers who tackle interesting subjects and railroads that not many other people model. It may be more difficult to find RTR models, but I think the end results are a lot better than cookie-cutter layouts that just end up being Athearn and Walthers Scenemaster product displays.

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