Electrical train maintenance kits

Bill Watts Oct 20, 2020

  1. Bill Watts

    Bill Watts TrainBoard Member

    Does anyone remember the kit, I think it was produced by Hornby, for maintaining locos? it contained a screwdriver handle with a 12 volt bulb inside with 4 interchangeable blades,
    a straight blade, a cross point blade a pointed blade and a very thin blade used for cleaning commutator slots. additionally it had a wire with a crocodile clip on one end and a plug to fit the top of the handle for the return wire for connectivity testing.
    The other item in the kit was a brass toothbrush consisting of two areas of brass bristles separated by a foam strip. each section of bristles was connected to a wire which could be connected to the power supply and used to provide power via the bristles to the pickup - driving wheels to clean them.

    I ask as this seems a very useful kit to have and would like to know if there is anything similar available today. I purchased mine as a kit when I was about 10 some 50 years ago and have subsequently lost it.

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