Fall is here, the show season begins in the U.K

kevsmith Aug 27, 2016

  1. kevsmith

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    Hi all.
    Nights are drawing in, opportunities for filming main line steam and loco hauled passenger trains will get harder as the trees start to shed their leaves so....Exhibition time approaches.

    Dates confirmed for my layouts this Fall are

    Blackburn 3rd-4th September Shasta (long form)

    Bradford 10th October Republic Steel

    Zedex 16th October Republic Steel

    Hartlepool 23rd –24th October Cuyahoga

    Shoeburyness 9th-10th November Shasta

    Manchester 3/4th December Shasta (long Form)

    Republic Steel will probably be run as British rail 'Railblue Era'

    Cuyahoga will be in its usual Nickel Plate form


    Shasta in 'long form'will have the additional 'Dunsmuir' board allowing 12 foot long freights to be run and a chance for the show visitors to see Z doing what it does best

    October will involve a lot of going to Pubs with the other exhibitors sadly as I have three shows on the bounce. These are the sacrifices you have to make!

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