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txronharris Apr 28, 2018

  1. txronharris

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    I have some of my fathers Lionel and American flyer stuff from about 1945 or so that I wanted to part with but am completely uneducated when it comes to this stuff since I'm a n-scaler.

    So do O scalers like their stuff "barn fresh" or should I try and clean this stiff up a bit? Some are original boxes, most aren't, and there's track too.

    I just think it should be run and appreciated instead of in a box. Any help is appreciated.

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  2. BoxcabE50

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    Your best bet might be exploring TCA information. (The "Train Collectors Association". I was a member, long ago.

    There are two categories of "tinplate" owners: Collectors, and runners.

    Most Lionel, AF, etc, is not of much real value. Condition is a HUGE factor, as to being collectible. And of course, so is rarity. Most is not rare.
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