Flatcar for ditcher

bostonjim Dec 24, 2017

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    Hi, all. Merry Christmas as well. I have just finished up a 3-D printed railroad ditcher and am wondering what kind of flatcar they would have been mounted on in the real world. A google search showed many of them on a heavy duty flatcar that does not seem to be made by either of the top 2 makers of z flatcars. There seems to be a very limited selection of them. Marklin's look too long(60') and MTL's seems short (40') When the ditcher was in motion, did it have 2 flatcars? One to rest the boom on in a flat position while in transit. What would the typical consist look like? I think work trains look good just standing still and I would like to have a siding with a work consist on it. Any ideas or comments appreciated.
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