Gerard Huet switchers

docker2524 Sep 9, 2010

  1. docker2524

    docker2524 TrainBoard Member

    Does anyone have a Huet switcher? I'd like to hear how they run. Please tell us what you think about it.
  2. TechRepJapan

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  3. shamoo737

    shamoo737 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Canadian Bryan also order two switchers. I hope he post a review when he gets it.
  4. Z_thek

    Z_thek TrainBoard Member

    I think this question should be answered already by Gerard Huet. A short video could help too... He started with a very good looking shell, then designed a chassis backward. It's hard, very hard.
  5. JoeS

    JoeS TrainBoard Member

    I wonder too how these good looking loco's run.
  6. bjw

    bjw TrainBoard Member

    Still Waiting on SW Loco; Anyone Receive One?

    Hi, Everyone,

    I'm still waiting on my Huet switchers. I was told mid-August that he was waiting for the wooden boxes he packs them in, but haven't heard from him since. Has anyone?

  7. rray

    rray Staff Member

    As with anything model railroading, projects seem quick in talk, but when it comes time to deliver, things have a way of sliding backwards. I would not worry much till it's several months late.

    If you are buying from a store who has shelf stock, that's a different story, but build to order is a time consuming affair, and you have lots of stuff to coordinate, which many times causes you to juggle things around so you don't have too much idle time.
  8. bjw

    bjw TrainBoard Member


    Problem is, I paid for them early August because I was told they were ready to ship, then told mid-August that he was waiting on wooden boxes. I haven't heard from him since.....
  9. Rio Grande

    Rio Grande TrainBoard Member

    That´s why I didn´t buy one yet. I didn´t want to give my credit card number in advance.
  10. HoboTim

    HoboTim TrainBoard Supporter

    I agree

    I agree with Lajos on the point that "by now", with the current internet availability of video expression, "Youtube and such", that a video of Gerard's switchers should already be the rage by now!!!!

    I have seen/HEARD the engineered chassis that Harald Freudenreich made for his F40's. It is difficult to create just the right gear interaction for improved performance and quiet running. I am curious how Gerard's switchers will perform. I think the shell looks fabulous. But a fabulous shell and a sputering chassis won't cut it in my opinion. for this reason, when I am contracted to machine a Marklin 0-6-0 and build a Zthek SW1, I make sure the chassis runs as good but try to improve its performance if all possible. Right now I am at 30+ to 1. Only one chassis I never was able to get working good. Since then, that chassis has gone thru major overhaul and works just fine.

    Where are all the photos and videos for Gerard's switchers????

    Hobo Tim
  11. ClancyT

    ClancyT TrainBoard Member

    I guess after all these posts - Gerard's reputation will suffer...and he has not done anything wrong to deserve this....I have not seen his product but think that this thread is all speculation and seems negative (given no one in this thread has personally tested his engines...Just my opinion.
  12. Z_thek

    Z_thek TrainBoard Member

    I don't see any speculation in any of the posts, but actually high hopes, the switchers are just as good runners as the appearance of them. About five years ago, when I started to build the first SW-1 switchers, to avoid any speculation or rumor, I made sure, there are absolutely no unanswered questions. A little PR always helps.
  13. HoboTim

    HoboTim TrainBoard Supporter

    Speculation? Nah!!!!!!

    No speculating here.

    I have followed all announcements and messages concerning Gerard's Switchers. His announcements and photos are like waving a handfull of food in front of a Starving crowd, then disappearing for several months. The Z community is Starving for switchers.

    Has anyone heard that Gerhard Hannemann is making 44tonners. The only time you hear anyone talking about them is if someone shows a new photo then time slips on by and people forget. How many of you know about Gerhard's 44 tonners?
    Have you seen this photo? Hmmmmm! They look fabulous!!!!! Has Gerhard announced he is making 44tonners? I don't recall, so I take this as a "first hand" announcement not made by the producer. I personally am waiting for his Feightliner Truck/Trailer to be released.

    What about Gerard's switcher's? So much time has elapsed since Gerard announced he was producing them and no one has seen a working video or any new photos of them!!!

    What ever happened to advertisement? Video's, close up photos? A variety of angle photos? Not a hard thing to produce on the web. How about this one, personal accounts by fellow Z scalers that have seen the product "first hand". Got to see it in action! Operated the controls to see "first hand" how it performs!!!!!!

    Don't tempt my tummy with the tastes of nutZ and honey and then abandon me. Not too many Z scalers I know that are not proud of their creations that they don't say anything or don't post photos/videos, or even answer questions from fellow Z scalers in a timely manner. Oh, I forgot, we are a super secret organiZation.

    What it all boils down to is, if YOU are going to announce it, then be courteous enough to keep the masses informed with your progress. Proud people post photos!!!

    No speculation here, just the Hungry, NO, STARVING Masses of Z scalers wanting to know more!!!!!!!

    Hobo Tim

    p.s. Gotta go eat now. My tummy is rumbling!!!
  14. animek

    animek TrainBoard Member

  15. ClancyT

    ClancyT TrainBoard Member

    Has any one heard from Gerhard since this thread started? I am curious to see if he is reputable. I was vocal about giving him a chance...but wonder if has actually delivered or gotten in touch with anyone who bought from him?
  16. BNSF Dash 9

    BNSF Dash 9 TrainBoard Member

    I've heard nothing back, but this has been happening alot since I failed finishing up my Boxcars to sell.
  17. minzemaennchen

    minzemaennchen TrainBoard Member

    Reading this thread: guys don't get mixed up with Gerard (Huet) and Gerhard (Hannemann) and keep more attention to the correct names...They both make a switcher at the moment, but we should keep things separate...
  18. Cleantex

    Cleantex TrainBoard Member


    Gerhard Hannemann is a very accurate guy, in the time working together
    with Freudenreich and you can for sure rely on him.
    I ordered things before from Gerhard, and I can confirm you, I received everything
    very quick and in perfect quality.
    Recently he was making metallic exchange Railex-wheels, Z motocycles and dont
    forget the freightliner trucks. Anyway we have separate thread for the 44.
  19. ClancyT

    ClancyT TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the clarification. I was referring to Gerard (Huet) who seems like a very reputable guy who had a great product to sell....but now he has stayed silent and out of touch....
  20. Z_thek

    Z_thek TrainBoard Member

    Looks like Gerard Huet needs competition to wake him up. So here comes the announcement. There is a new (old?) manufacturer of Z-scale brass locomotive kits, formerly called Zthek, now with a new name and lots of ambition:

    Products under development and near completion:
    -Alco RS1 shell to fit MTL GP chassis.
    -A conversion gearbox / 6mm motor with flywheel combination kit to give new life to old and dead Marklin 0-6-0 chassis.
    -A modular chassis system, using etched, easy to build phosphor bronze components, 6mm motor with flywheel, almost perfect scale 40" wheels and scale 8' wheelbase swiveling trucks. All wheels are powered with electric pick-up.
    -NW-2 switcher shell.
    -The greatly improved (scale) SW-1 switcher shell
    -Alco S1 switcher shell
    -TR slug
    The switcher kits will come in two versions with identical shells, but made for the different chassis options. The first version will utilize the converted Marklin chassis, the second is for the modular chassis system.
    It's too early to take orders, but the first releases are coming fairly shortly. I'll keep you updated.

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