1. Eagle2

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    I see on Atlas' web site that they are planning to release a GP 38 in HO. Considering the number of units built, and the number of roads that operated them, I think this would be a fantastic opportunity for us in N. PLEASE e-mail Atlas and ask them to do this model in N scale. Hopefully, with enough input, they'll see that it would be (I think) a very successful model for them.

    Jenks - the REAL Big Blue
  2. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    When I'm not here...I'm at Atlas riding Paul Graf about the GP38/38-2 and other loco's for release. [​IMG]

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    Brent Tidaback, Member #234
  3. BC Rail King

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    It would be nice, but didn't Kato do one?!? [​IMG] I am pretty sure LL did one too, but all I have to say about that one is, well, just don't buy it. It is a shame to the N scale world! [​IMG]

    Happy Railroading!!

    Dane N. [​IMG]

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  4. Maxwell Plant

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    Although when it was released it was a great loco made by Kato, it now is one of the worst by them. The GP50 is almost as bad. The Drives are not even better than the current Life-Like SplitFrame Drive, in fact, they're not even close. Then you have the bodies to deal with, totally out of date. And the people that have them for sale think they're made of gold. I've never seen one for less than $90.00 US. I wouldn't pay more than $30.00 for one, and I haven't! I sold one for $50.00, but that was because I didn't want to sell it, but the price offered...I couldn't refuse.

    RAILROADING-TO-THE-MAX, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Style!
    Brent Tidaback, Member #234
  5. chessie

    chessie TrainBoard Supporter

    An Atlas N scale GP38 or 38-2 is pretty much a no-brainer for them at this point, given all of the releases they have made. They have hinted that they are going to make N GP40 "Classics" (DCC ready, this time!) that could use the same underframe as the GP38. Heck, even if not, they could make 38-2's using the GP40-2 chassis that was already released DCC ready. I think they will eventually release one or both.
    As far as the junk about Kato or LL already having one, you need look no further than the recent E8 spectacle to see that LL and Kato had released at pretty much the same time.... ATlas and others had released them in the past. As far as GP38's, the old Kato units and LL units are nowhere near the modern superiority of Atlas units: behold their new SD35's. I think it will happen, but maybe not before the SD24... [​IMG]

  6. Craig Martyn

    Craig Martyn TrainBoard Member

    AAAHHHH MAN THE GP38-2's by Kato are BAD!!

    Being a painter I get to work on a bunch of weird stuff but one thing I turn down are the Kato GP38-2's.

    The frames are a PAIN to take apart and then to get back together.......and.........you CANT find parts for them.

    Just a real bad design by Kato.

    And I am with you guys, I hope Atlas does them or even Kato.

    Craig Martyn

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