Grade Crossing Question

El Paso Mark Oct 2, 2002

  1. El Paso Mark

    El Paso Mark TrainBoard Member

    Hi all. I have to put in several grade crossings, and the procedure has me kinda stumped. How do you all do it? Not neccessarily the wood, concrete, gravel, etc. crossing between the rails itself, but the approaches.

    The (future) road leads up to the cork roadbed. Now what? Do you guys and gals leave the beveled cork roadbed in place, and putty/plaster/etc. over the bevel and level with the top of the cork? Do you cut out the beveled portion? And how do you all deal with the slope that will occur between the top of the cork, and the level (vehicle) road (before the crossing)?

    Hope I made it clear enough (what I'm asking) for you all to be able to respond to. Thanx, and take care,

  2. Harron

    Harron TrainBoard Supporter

    Mark, I think there is an excellent example in this month's (November) MR. There is an article about a shelf layout (part 2) and they use Woodland Scenics products. Gonna try it out myself soon. Just be advised, I got this issue yesterday, has yet to hit my lhs.

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