Greg and Angel Shindledecker's Western Maryland Thomas Subdivision

Bfagan Apr 10, 2022

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    Greg and Angel Shindledecker's HO version of the Western Maryland Thomas Subdivision is set in the mid-‘70s. The island-style layout fills our 30' x 57' basement and is still under construction. Roadbed is constructed on Masonite splines with Homabed under the track.

    Mainline track is code 83, yard and branch lines are code 70/75. The benchwork was constructed by using Sievers’ modular system. All trackwork is complete and scenery is in progress.

    The railroad is based on the prototype's operations on the WM’s Thomas Subdivision. The segment modeled is from just west of 21st Bridge (east of McCool, MD) to Elkins, WV. Two large staging yards represent points east - Cumberland, MD and beyond; the other being coal branches radiating from Elkins to Durbin, Webster Springs, Dailey and Belington. Inbetween lies the Blackwater Canyon, in which the famed Black Fork Grade required multiple helpers on almost all trains moving coal eastbound.

    Online industries include coal load outs and mines, pulpwood and wood chip loading, the Westvaco paper mill at Luke, MD, coal-powered electric generation at Mt. Storm, a tannery, a Kingsford Charcoal plant and car shops for maintenance and repair at Elkins.

    Operations have just begun on the layout, with multiple shakedown sessions and subsequent tweaks to the schedule and the railroad.

    The Railroad at a Glance

    Name: Western Maryland Thomas Subdivision
    Scale HO
    Size 30’ x 57’
    Construction began January, 2008
    Prototype Western Maryland Rwy.
    Locale Western Maryland and mid/eastern West Virginia
    Era Mid-1970s
    Style island
    Mainline Run 356 feet (5.86 scale miles)
    Total Trackage 1311 feet
    Minimum Radius 30” (mainline)
    Minimum Turnout #8 mainline, #5 yard & sidings (133 turnouts)
    Maximum Grade 2.8%
    Benchwork Height Lower Level: 30”, Upper Level: 42”, Track height max is 55.5”
    Roadbed Homasote/Homabed
    Track Mainline: PECO Code 83, Yards, sidings & branch lines: PECO code 75, Staging: Atlas & PECO code 100
    Control NCE DCC (wired & radio) with WiFiTrax WFD-30s to support Wi-Fi throttles

    Mainline :

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    Looks great. There's a lot of ground cover the finish. Best wishes with that.
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    Nice and big, and lots of fun left finishing the scenery, etc.(y)

    As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. But building a train layout is way more fun.:)
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    They certainly have achieved a sensation of distance traveled.
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    Greg has a nice Facebook page for his railroad, as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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