mtntrainman Nov 22, 2009

  1. mtntrainman

    mtntrainman TrainBoard Supporter

    I know the economy is pretty much affecting us all....but I am still thankful for a lot:

    I wake up each morning and thank my god that I did.

    I kiss my wife good morning each day and am thankful she is still with me.

    I am still somewhat healty. The older I get the more there is that seems to fall apart. But I am still thankfull for what still does work !

    I hear from my kids almost daily. They are still employeed and able to take care of their families. I am thankful for that.

    I still have my family and friends. Including all the great people here on trainboard that I get to visit everyday !! I thank you all !!

    I still have my trains. Even though I havent 'bought' anything in almost a year...I can still go out to the train trailer and 'run em' !! I thank the electric company for leaving my electric on !!

    Yes...I am still thankfull for a lot of things.

    Happy Thanksgiving...ALL !!


  2. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    dittos from me also. Still employeed and even working overtime.
  3. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season.

    Like George, I'm thankful for my family, those present and those who've gone before me. I'm thankful for all of you, who each in your own way make my day. And, I'm thankful for the friends I see on a daily basis.

    Life goes on and with it brings the heartaches and yearnings. Yes, things could be better but I think I'd be bored with a utopia of everything just right. I know I have to fight and work toward better health, to hang onto the things I believe and give me faith in tomorrow. Life is precious and can be taken away from you faster then I can write this sentence. So, I count each moment, each smile, each laugh and those moments spent with friends and see how lucky I really am.

    I hope each of you are surrounded this Thanksgiving day by those you love, the things that are important to you and your faith...whatever that be.

    Thank you all for being you and what you bring here each and every day. And, did I say putting up with me...LOL.

    You take care, God Bless and we will see you on the reverse loops of life.
  4. Nick Lorusso

    Nick Lorusso TrainBoard Member

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Unfortunately I'm one of the many unemployed now. But hey I have my health, my loving wife, and good friends.
  5. subwayaz

    subwayaz TrainBoard Member

    Yes indeed it truly is a Thanksgiving to be greatful for.
    I too still have my health; relative to my age of course but more things still work than not working.

    I still have my Children, and hear from them often.

    I have my Family though at a distance we still keep and share our Love for each other.

    I still have the Love of my Mother even if I don't still have her here with me.

    Greatful for my friends here on Trainboard and elsewhere on the net whom I'm able to share with on a daily basis.

    Basically very greatful for my life as it stands today.

    A Special Thanks to ALL of Our Military Personnel whom will be away from home for these upcoming Holidays. I am ever so Greatful to all of you. May you stay safe from harm, come home soon; and Know that . You are Never Forgotten

    God Bless one and all here.

    May this be the warmest of Seasons; this we can always afford.
  6. LTCTerry

    LTCTerry TrainBoard Supporter

    I guess it's kind of fitting that I'm writing just after reading subwayaz's comments.

    Thanksgiving is one of the few uniquely American holidays. One of my ancestors, Henry Sampson, was literally at the First Thanksgiving that we now remember. My family has been in uniform since the Revolution. So, this is a special/meaningful day in our lives.

    Last Thanksgiving (not the first I've been away from home) I was serving meals to my Soldiers in Iraq. (It's an Army tradition on Thanksgiving and Christmas that the senior leaders serve the troops.) At the time I was looking forward to cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal for my family this year. As it turns out, though, I'll be eating turkey in a restaurant (not yet identified) in St. Augustine, FL, because my brother is getting ready to deploy to Iraq for his third trip "down range."

    So, my wife and I decided that we will have the traditional meal anyway - today! I got up early and made pumpkin pie. The turkey is in the oven. My daughter will be here in a while and everything is on track to hit the table at 5:00 for dinner.

    I, too, have much to be thankful for. A great family. A job. My wife is working more and making less, but she's employed too. I have wonderful friends "in real life" as well as kindred spirits online.

    My church has come interesting classes coming up on the next four Sundays; I'm looking forward to that.

    So, to all my friends here at Trainboard, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you, too, have things to give thanks for even if you live in country where you are not celebrating this week.

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  7. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Welll I too am thankful for many things. A great job that I am still employed at. My family of course and many other things. This will be the third year in a row that I will have to work. The difference this year is my family will be joining me. So turkey dinner will be in Winnemucca NV this year.
  8. Boilerman

    Boilerman TrainBoard Supporter

    I too am thankful for many things even tho I am working in Canada and will be spending my Thanksgiving here with my wife (she is here with me) and I am still employed.
    Being here away from home makes me think of those who are over seas fighting and protecting others in foreign countries, our freedom in the US and will not be home for Thanksgiving.
    To all I wish them the best Thanksgiving ever this year as we all are very lucky!
  9. John G. Adney

    John G. Adney Passed away May 19, 2010 In Memoriam

    This Thanksgiving, I'll give thanks that I'm still alive. This has been a terrible year, healthwise, for me. But I give thanks that I can still do things with grandkids and our grown children, work on my layout and devote time to other interests. I cannot say thank you enough for my wife Pat. So, despite 2009 being a crappy year as I dealt with two heart attacks and five cronic illnesses, I am strong enough in mind and spirit to declare "Thank you!"
  10. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Hope you have fun with family and friends and don't forget the after meal repose with your trains. ;)

    CSX TRANSFLO TrainBoard Member

    YES! Happy Bird Day to one and all!!! :mcool:
  12. Metro Red Line

    Metro Red Line TrainBoard Member

    I'm thankful I'm back in the hobby after a couple year's lapse and working on the layout again. And I thank you all for your suggestions, input, insight, tips and opinions!
  13. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter


    It's a dangerous day if your a turkey like me. :D

    I am thankful this year for way too much to list and I am thankful that I get to spend time on this board with all you great folks. :) :) :)
  14. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone here on Trainboard!
    There is so much I am Thankful for this year, and would take too long to list! Been through so much the last few years.
    This Thanksgiving, instead of cooking a big meal for the family, we are going to do something different. There was a time when because of my back injury and no income, we literally ran out of food. Praying for some help one evening, a friend from church showed up with a pick-up truck loaded with food....I mean LOADED. Meat, chicken, vegs, chips, drinks, etc. There was so much we couldnt take it all.
    Well I made a promise if I ever got back on my feet, I would help others in need of food. I since have worked with our church to serve meals at the salvation army once a month, and today our family is going to deliever meals prepared by the church to familys that cant provide a Thanksgiving meal this year. I know the thanksgiving of someone showing up with food, and I cant wait to bring this joy to a few families in our city! :)
  15. Tony Burzio

    Tony Burzio TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm thankful for all our soldiers who are eating Thanksgiving dinner away from friends and family to stop the bad guys from bringing their awfulness to our shores.

    I pray for forgiveness from the Navy heroes who got the bad guy and are now standing Court Martial because they punched the guy.

    One more year is past, no bright flash.
  16. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    Happy Thanksgiving to us all wherever we are, to our loved ones and friends close by, and to our extended families wherever they are. Hug your loved ones, if only within your hearts.
  17. up1950s

    up1950s TrainBoard Supporter

    Something to remember
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  18. SleeperN06

    SleeperN06 TrainBoard Member

    Happy thanksgiving! This is such a great country we live in. There is so much to be thankful for even with the economy the way it is and our troops facing dangers abroad. I want to also thank all of our troops who make the sacrifices to protect our freedom.
  19. Bob Morris

    Bob Morris TrainBoard Supporter

    Amen and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  20. Two Truck Shay

    Two Truck Shay TrainBoard Member

    Enjoy the day!


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