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    I need to know what the subdivision or division was that Chicago Missouri and Western was that is now part of Gateway Western.From Kansas City to Bloomington and back to St.Louis.
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    Chicago,Missouri, and Western? Were they even around long enough to actualy name their subs? I went to school in Bloomington-Normal, and before I knew it SP(SPCSL) was running the line.

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    beats me man
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    I do believe it was the Alton Subdivision. CM&W wasn't around very long so I can't be totally sure. I sure wish they had made it, but IC really set them up for a fall. Left them a railroad that used to be the fastest track between Chicago and St. Louis and by the time IC was done with it, Amtrak was having a tough time running at 55MPH! Most of the on-line shippers were ticked off and done using rail and then, as now, you had to get permission from the IC to go North of Joilet, IL. to get to Chicago. It is a much better railway now, physically, but not many freights run out there anymore, mostly Amtrak and they are on the verg of getting the speeds back to a respectible 110MPH for passenger trains, just like the old days of the GM&O. [​IMG]

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