History Center in Anderson IN - report

rhensley_anderson Aug 25, 2020

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    We are locked up at the moment (Covid-19), but will open for those who call in, wear a mask and get their temperature taken. That's M - W - F from 10 to 3.
    Hey, at least you can get in to look around!
    The train area is a little upset at the moment. The ceiling has a hole in it from a water leek (that should be fixed in the next couple of days). The I will have to repair the 4 x 7 layout that was sitting under the leak. :-(

    Meantime, I'm working om two HO 4x8 layouts in the 1st room. I'm working on the first layout turntable and installing roadbed to make it compatible with the second 4x8, then add buildings and trains. No it won't run, but then it won't have to.

    Ok, that's all folks!
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