HO Scale Traction Tires

CM Coveray Jul 11, 2006

  1. rmaughan67

    rmaughan67 New Member

    rlmaughan67 tf id
    Great news, traction tires are very very easy to find. Just visit your local grocery, etc. and look in the haircare department for the smallest hair rubber bands that they have. The selection will be big enough for HO or O27 or even O scales. I accidently happened on this when my gd needed her hair in pony tails. I have tried this on my own train diesels and they work great, they even fit in the grooves on the wheels and queit down the track noise, give more clearence and pull better. The bigger black bands even hold the tracks together to facilitate positioning the layout before final setup. I hope this helps you all
  2. Alan C.

    Alan C. TrainBoard Member

    I TRIED to replace the traction tires on my challenger bought the tires if you cant find them try substituting the right size O rings. When I bought them from the hobby shop that is what they looked like. Anyway I got as far as trying to take the drawbar driver screw off the drive wheel and had a sudden ephifiney Do I Feel Lucky Today!!!!!!! meaning if I strip that nut off that wheel what is the chance I would get a replacement wheel for a 10yr old Riverossie (Not Likely) I just pull half the cars I use too. and now I feel very Lucky. Take Care Alan C.

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