How many people model N&W and what scales?

traingeekboy Jun 17, 2004

  1. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    I modeled the N&W in HO for quite a while and wish I still had my class A's, Class J's, Z1b's, 0-8-0s, Y1 through Y6b's and all of my old cabooses. I almost had a Jawn Henry until my modeling interests changed.
  2. Andrew Thornton

    Andrew Thornton TrainBoard Member

    I model the N&W from the other side of the Atalntic. No personal relationship but somehow it just always appealed, I think there's something about it being small (pre '64) but quietly efficient, plus the 'don't draw attention to yourself' black paint scheme, that appeals to the British temprement! No, I think its just those awesome steam locomotives!
  3. theskunk

    theskunk TrainBoard Member

    After some extensive research on the classic NS, which i used to model, I'm thinking about doing a NS --> NW coaling operation (whether this actually occured, i've no clue) but my curves are much to small for any articulated steam, and I would love to know what shorter steam NW used to switch their coaling/yards, and what diesels they would have been using back then.

  4. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    Key N scale Allegheny

    Made by Key in n scale
  5. Triplex

    Triplex TrainBoard Member

    N&W switching in the 40s was mostly done by aging 2-8-0s and 4-8-0s, they having almost no dedicated switchers. In the 50s, they had 0-8-0s as well - ex-C&O and copies. I believe the C&O engines were based on the USRA design, though the coal bunker was unusual. Heavy yard switching was handled by older articulateds such as Y3s. Diesels - only for 1955+. GP9, RS-11, RS-3. Any of these could've handled switching; I don't know which actually did. No dedicated diesel switchers until the Alco T6s of 1959.
  6. NW AL

    NW AL TrainBoard Member

    I model in G large scale so have to paint many things myself as I can't find much in N&W. Keeps it interesting. I grew up in N&W country so that is what I like.
  7. N&W

    N&W TrainBoard Member

    On the Pokey, after the last 0-8-0 was retired in May 1960 and at least through 1976, N&W had no "switchers" per se in Williamson. Mostly Gp9s and RS11s or whatever road units were available. I saw a SD45 switch a furntiture warehouse once in Williamson in the late 60s.

  8. J610

    J610 New Member

    Hi . I just joined today . I am a norfolk & western fanatic . I model in HO scale I am glad to be a member and hope i can get some help here as well as help others .I model mid 40`s to mid 50`s. I also grew up in roanoke about a mile from the main shops at schafer`s crossing. My grandparents lived right on the abingdon branch at creek junction. I wish someone would market a reasonably priced class M . All of mine are high dollar brass. RON
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  9. Shawn Fields

    Shawn Fields TrainBoard Member

    I Model the N&W and Virginian in G Gauge, Lots of Steam including MTH's VGN Triplex and lots of Mallets. I live next to the old Virginian Main on one side and the now defunct N&W Bluestone Branch On the Other.
  10. Dave Balderston

    Dave Balderston TrainBoard Member

    After N&W picked up the Nickle Plate and P&WV, N&W and WM ran mixed lashup trains from Hagerstown through Connellsville into Ohio, Webster City I think. That was mostly in the 60s, and I think it fizzled out around 1970, maybe as the result of one of the mergers, but I'm not really sure why.
  11. centralRR

    centralRR TrainBoard Member

    I grew up watching old black NW GP9's work the old NKP IMC and Cloverleaf district thru Kokomo IN. My layout under construction will be down around the Bluefield area and will be duel era. One will be the time of steam with no diesels on the layout, then when I change it will be the black noodle logo diesel era. So far I have an old PFM Class A steam engine and a pair of Athearn GP9's painted up. I plan to add several more GP's and a few more steamers. Hope to start laying track in the next month or so. Mike
  12. kimballthurlow

    kimballthurlow New Member

    I have an interest in the N&W, gained after reading Colonel Lewis Jeffries book.

    I have a website featuring some HO and O models, and hope to post more soon.

    I custom lettered and numbered 8 of the Proto 2000 GP9 in HO, and have DCC'd three of them. While I know these models were cheap, it is a real nuisance having to redo the gears continuously, as I find they ALL crack regardless of brand.

    Does anyone have a permanent solution?

  13. Beaminster Road

    Beaminster Road New Member

    O Winston Link was the catalyst for my interest in the N&W, I am building a small layout based on one of the branch lines unfortunately the lack of information is problem.

  14. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Wow! I started this back in 2004. And I think this thread got me connected to a man who had pictures of the line that went two blocks from my childhood home.

    i own a big book of O winston link's images. He was amazing.

    kimball, i hadn't ever noticed your post here. I think i took a break from the forum for a bit. Nice collection of pics. I shared it with a buddy in Britain who collects articulated locos. Thanks!
  15. Beaminster Road

    Beaminster Road New Member

    4 blog has just started, the track plan is based on a Model Railroader 05/09 feature by Doug Buchanan Jr. unfortunately I cannot find a Kingmill depot and will build from scratch.Like Winfried, elsewhere on the forum, I am busy trying to create a N&W W2 class but a different basis, I am using a Bachmann Westen Maryland 2-8-0. This is similar to Iain Rice's conversion in MR, some years ago.Tim
  16. marty coil

    marty coil TrainBoard Supporter

    I do NOT model the NW, BUT I have a Great NW book that shows all NW locos and cars and I 'dabble' in NW from time to time in N Scale. This is my latest 'dabble'
  17. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Beaminster, do you have a image of that trackplan?

    I remember that article, I think he made a Ic loco from his as I recall.

    Nice little caboose Marty. Be careful or you'll end up coming over to the dark side and painting everything black! lol
  18. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    I don't model N&W specifically but my Gulf & Ohio Midland's Little Kanawha Sub is not geographically far from N&W interchange near Southpoint, Ohio. This will allow me to have N&W unit trains loading on the G&OM using N&W power. I do have a P2K N&W GP30, but as far as I can tell it's prototype was ex-NKP and the nose is incorrect as well as the blue paint scheme, as it should be black. Might eventually do some work and carve out and install a NKP nose bell and repaint the whole thing.
  19. dti406

    dti406 TrainBoard Member

    I model the N&W - Nickle Plate & Wabash! Formerly living on the Joint Line from Toledo to Maumee.

    Rick J
  20. Beaminster Road

    Beaminster Road New Member

    I cannot post the plan as it is MR's copyright but if you send your email to me, I can arrange something.Tim

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