How To Model Intermodal Trains & Yards

DJ of DJsTrains Aug 27, 2019

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    The type of container also says what type of train it is. A train originating or terminating at a port, connecting with a vessel, will be mostly 20 and 40 foot containers, since that's what is loaded on container ships. Domestic shipments entirely in the US will have more of the 48-53 ft containers or TOFC. They may be mixed on a train. West of the Mississippi the platforms with be double stacked and east of the Mississippi they will be more likely to be single stacked.
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    The reason trailer/container trains on the Northern end of CSX are commonly referred to as 'jets' goes back to the Chessie days of train identification. CSX currently numbers their trains Q015, Q016 etc. In the Chessie days trains were named, Baltimorian, Chicagoan, Detroiter etc. Chessie intermodal trains were - St. Louis Trailer Jet, Baltimore Trailer Jet, Chicago Trailer Jet, Philadelphia Trailer Jet and several others.

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