"Human Desire" Among Train Crews

Flash Blackman Jun 8, 2009

  1. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman TrainBoard Member

    Started a movie called "Human Desire" starring Broderick Crawford, Glenn Ford, and Gloria Grahame (1954). It's a pretty seedy film noir with all the regular bad choices by fairly good people. But, Glenn Ford plays the part of an engineer on the "Central National" railroad. He runs a passenger train on a regular run using FA engines. Lots of train things and heartfelt discussions in the cab. This allows a lot of over-the-rail views from the front. All other cast memebrs work for the railroad, too, so there is a lot of train background even though it is a murder plot and not a train story. Very good film noir movie.

    imdb plot: Engineer Jeff, returning from Korea, falls in Love with his co-worker Carl's wife Vicky, who both committed a murder...

    I can't find it on DVD for Region One; only for Region Two.
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  2. EricB

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    I looked for a DVD of it awhile back too and was unsuccessful. It is a pretty good movie and the actual story keeps you interested between the train shots.


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