Increased sales at Marklin due to covid

papahnash Mar 22, 2021

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    I have only a very few of their models, an old DC locomotive form the 70s (bought used), at that time the DC models were in the HAMO series, plus some cars and wagons (to which I had to replace the wheels), and some pieces in Z scale that were intended for my smaller child.

    In contrast to some european manufacturer, their (appreciable) commitment in having ALL trains very fit to run reliably on layouts is a

    Regardless of their products, I had been at their main "fair" in Goppingen (it happens every two years on odd years) and toured the factory.
    It was a very interesting tour and you can see the passion that the workers put on the models (notice NONE of their trains is made in the far east).
    The rest of the fair was the biggest assembling of vintage 1/1 scale trains I ever saw in my life: there were at least five or six trains used to get to and from there, including a Trans Europe Express set with its iconic 103 locomotive. You could board a railcar to move from the station to one of the sites, or a switcher to go back and forth along the station tracks, plus other steam locomotives (fired) and trains.....
    A HUGE event that we (me and my kids) could not really see in the six hours we have been there.

    As i said hugely recommended for any model and real train fan, regardless of Marklin AC trains.

    Here one of the countless videos of the event you can find online
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    I think Hornby has also taken advantage of the coronavirus with their Stay-At-Home gift box/project kit. Its good to see some of these hobby brands doing well and adapting to change. I don't own any Marklin models, and I think their AC power system puts them at odds with many other brands, but I know they still have a strong following in Europe.

    Like Disney or Apple, I think Marklin is all about the 'product experience,' and I think going to the marklineum or the Nuremberg Toy Fair would be really cool.

    It will be interesting to see how the coronavirus, lockdowns, and economic changes affect the hobby brands in the long-term. Will people want at-home hobbies and activities, or will they cut back on leisure expenses like model trains? At the moment, it seems the former is occurring right now, so lets hope there is still good weather ahead for all of our favorite manufacturers.
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