InterMountain Announces New Run of Centralia 4-4-2 Pullman Sleepers

gdmichaels May 31, 2017

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    InterMountain and Centralia Car Shops are producing a new run of Pullman Standard 4-4-2 sleeper cars. This new release will have no less than twenty different paint schemes, each with between two and four different road numbers/car names. They will also be releasing an undecorated car (product CCS6820) for those folks who like to paint their own.

    (we just started adding this kind of New Announcement information to our blog and got a late start for the month of May but will be more timely going forward)

    This tooling has been run multiple times over the last decade and is known to sell out fairly quickly as InterMountain does not produce many of each car. We recommend you pre-order what you want. The cars will list at an MSRP of $49.95.

    As is typical with InterMountain releases, they are not providing a release date. They like to see what kind of pre-orders come in before they schedule production. While this is frustrating, it is what allows them to produce such a wide variety of different paint schemes.

    Here's a link to the InterMountain website.
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